NEW Casinos Online UK 2019


Every player who visits our website asks himself the question – "How do you test NEW online casinos? The answer is clear and it is obvious. These criteria are crucial in evaluations:

  • The license that any reputable online casino in UK is supposed to have;
  • Player ratings;
  • What bonuses can the casino offer online;
  • Best ways to deposit and withdraw;
  • Best software providers;
  • How big are the odds of winning?

Top 5 Best NEW Online Casinos Games with Welcome Bonus:











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Why New Online Casinos Are So Popular?

Thanks to the huge competition in the casino market, gambling is really popular now. Today, every player can satisfy their need, gamble in the virtual playhouse and don't leave the house in the process. New online casinos offers the wide range of different games. Almost every one of them has pretty common casino games, such as poker, slot machines, video slots, online – roulette and many others for your taste.

The total number of casino sites is increasing on the Internet, and it is now very difficult to choose the best new casino in UK suitable for you. It is worth noting that each online new casino has its own specific "disadvantages " as well as "advantages". In addition, it must be said that it is best to consult with experienced players at a particular casino.

"Why does our comparison site exist? We give casino players the detailed information about the world of new casinos and help beginners to make the right choice. If you want to start the game for real money, you need to get acquainted with all the nuances first. So, go on and have fun!"

1. Reviews of NEW Online Casinos UK

Have you ever played in an online casino? If no, then we will help you start a game. On the Internet there are a wide range of casinos, so it is really hard to make a right decision. Even experienced players who have been gaming for a long time sometimes need a counselor. We will help you save your time and money in the future. It is extremely important to choose the best new online casino. Read this article to make yourself known with all the nuances.

professorWhat is an online casino anyway?

Online Casino de is a service that gives customers the ability to put at risk, bet and win the money in the process. Online gambling appeared on the global network of one of the first and has quickly expanded with the development of new technologies. To date, we have access to hundreds of online casinos that will provide various services to software companies and software to enter the help of numerical management teams.

Either choose it just for testing or trying your luck to find out how much real money you can win at the new online casino.

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Those who play with real money also risk losing money, of course. The tension is higher. The evening's dearly and thrills can only be found in the game for real money, because there is something to lose here. In addition, there is also the possibility to win real money. If you just want to play for fun, you should use the free version. It will be like a demo version of the game where you can play as a beginner.

What types of new online casinos are there?

Online casinos can be divided into three groups: Instant games online (instant play), PC and mobile versions. Some casinos offer all three options.

Mobile version of new online casinos is also allowed to players, you can enjoy the favorite games at any time. Since many online casinos have already learned everything you need to provide versions of games with instant access, the other extends to their most popular games on mobile platforms at the same time. Some of new casinos have also created a special page for mobile devices that allows users to play with their smartphone.

notesWhy is it so hard to choose a new online casino?

Compared to most online services, online casinos in UK is relatively uncontrolled. This industry is based on UKGC and a purely capitalist form of self-control, which is a consequence of special target advertising to promote a variety of gambling facilities. However, such actions do not interfere with casino distraction tactics to use and bypass payment. But advertising only sends players to websites with a good reputation.

Therefore, you should take matters into your own hands. Before you log on to any online casino site, make sure you know enough about it. We offer tested new casinos UK that helps you make the right choice. Give your attention to the important information such as a casino review, payment terms and terms, the history of institutions, user feedback, and find out what types of games there are.

coinsCasino rating plays a big role

Our unique rating system helps you make the right choice without much effort. Every month we check new casinos for our list, we add an update, consider other aspects such as providing technical support to users and evaluating the speed of withdrawal. In terms of complaints, the number and severity is also taken into account. In fact, it is guided by the criteria of the average player.

After collecting all the data, we skip the casino through an algorithm to calculate the number of points of 10 possible. With us, everyone can find online casino portal for themselves.

We listed a few of them that received the maximum 10 points. Check out our list of new online casinos UK and you'll see which of them is better at the moment.

Read carefully the terms and conditions

Every UK online casino sets its own rules and conditions. Unfortunately, many players do not prefer to spend time on a detailed induction with the provisions of the data, which leads to problems.

Knowing the rules established by the any new casino online will save you time and money in the long run. First, make sure that the terms are genuine and not copied from another online casino site. If the casino doesn't even repride to make its own rules – this is clearly not a good sign. Then start analyzing the content of each item. Most importantly – make sure you don't try to impose inappropriate rules. Suspicions are regulations limit the bonus to earn, funds from the account, and withdraw more withdrawal.

2. Top 10 New Casinos Tips

3. How to Choose New Casino

If you need help choosing new casino, then our Casino Guide is exactly what you're looking for. With our guide you can find a lot of interesting information and then use it in the game. As for other important background topics, they are also collected by Our Experts and is added to an online casino list. In producing our comprehensive casino guides, we have made every effort to explain all the rules of the game quickly and easily. Our goal is – give the best possible support to the players.
Bei unserem Casino Guide finden Sie nicht nur interessante Berichte zu spannenden Themen, sondern auch die Geschichte des Glücksspiels oder der Entwicklung verschiedener Glücksspiele in beste Online Casino.

Another practical element is our constantly expanding glossary. This means that we are trying to explain the important words and also explain the terms in question. Our Casino Guide also offers many tips of games for beginners and already professional gamblers.

To anticipate some important quintessences from our Casino Guide, here are three important and generally valid UK new online casinos tips:

  1. At the first line is the seriousness of the gambling house. We recommend you only play in approved online casino with real money! The games of chance must be fun and offer great chances of winning. That's why it's important to only play a serious gamble with a UKGC casino license in an online casino that we positively rate. Because the state casino license secures the legal games, fair odds of winning and tax legal certainty in the event of a big jackpot win in UK Online Casino.
  2. Set a personal profit target! Successful players keep reporting that they are going into every casino night with an accurate winning performance. Once you reach your profit target, however, you also have to have the strength to stand up and take the profits with you. If you want to win real money in the new casino online in the long term, you should definitely abide by this rule. Because even though the lure seems great to keep playing after some super rounds of winning, this is little conducive to long-term money multiplication. So consider a realistic profit target before each casino deposit and have your money paid out immediately once you reach your personal winning total.
  3. The most popular casinos games in United Kingdom. When the talk is about casino games, there's a great deal of choice for gamers. We visit the most popular among them. How do you have to choose the game? First, each player should look at the new online casino test. Many games the gamblerer simply has to try once and then make the right choice for his taste. The players who have been gambling for many years know that in many games the hidden pitfalls, important rules and special functions that should be observed exist. Nevertheless, there are many game strategies that you can learn and apply yourself.

4. The Most Popular NEW Casino Games

We offer on our website list of the best online casino test. Also, our experts have gathered all the information about the games and slot machines so that you can easily make the right choice. We have explained all the rules that beginners and already real professional gamblers need. In order to shed some light on the topic of strategies, we have compiled the background articles for all classic online games casino.

Of course, there are the general rules of the games invented many years ago. Nevertheless, many new game variations appeared over the years and introduced to the new online casino with real money seed credits. There are often some differences between the variations of games the experts have captured for you in game descriptions.
In the playhouses you can find the following games:

Online Roulette

It is worth saying that roulette is considered one of the most famous symbols of the casino and is the most popular game among the zockers. No wonder this game has been so popular in the gaming world since its invention. It's so thanks to luxury, excitement and simple rules. It is important that the advantage of the playhouse in this game is not as high as in the slot machines. We'll tell you the types of roulette:

American Roulette

Goal of the game: Croupier throws the ball on the spinning wheel to be applied to the 38 numbers (0, 00, 1, 2 ... 36) is.
The goal: to guess on which of 38 numbers the ball stops. The win depends on which bet the gamcker made.
Wheel in American roulette: It has 38 numbers including 0, 00, 1 ... 36. This game is often called "the roulette with two zeros" ("double zero").
Playing field and stakes: It's almost similar to European roulette variation, but has an extra field 00 (double zero).

The player can bet on:

  • A certain number;
  • Combination of numbers;
  • You can also bet if the winning number is red or black, straight or odd;

European Roulette

Goal of the game: It's the same as in American roulette: You have to guess what number of ball drops out of 37.
Wheel in European roulette: On the "European" wheel and thirty-seven numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 (zero). Sometimes this game is also called "roulette with a zero." If you want to know how the numbers are spread out on the wheel, learn more information.
Playing field and stakes: Read the differences between the main roulette game field types in roulette.

The player can bet on:

  • A certain number;
  • Combination of numbers;
  • You can also bet if the winning number is red or black, straight or odd;

French Roulette

Goal of the game: The goal of the game is the same as in European roulette: The gamcher has to guess what number the ball falls on from 37.
Wheel in French roulette: On the "European" wheel and thirty-seven numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 (zero). Sometimes this game "Roulette with a zero."

The player can bet on:

  • A certain number;
  • Combination of numbers;
  • You can also bet if the winning number is red or black, straight or odd;

Online und Video Poker

Online and Video Poker

Video Poker – it's somewhat simplified version of the same name (poker) card game that was found in real life in the form of slot machines. The online casino – it is a simple game in which, as in card poker, it is to collect the best poker hand, be issued from the cards, and made an offer to pick up the victory.

New Online Casinos is represented by a very wide range of varieties of video poker, from the simplest to and ending with 25 or 50 linear implementations, where the minimum rate of just over one simple game, but also gives the opportunity to Winning much higher.

To start a game of video poker in a virtual casino, training (free), or you need to have a real account after which you will be able to bet, and participate in one of the games offered. To get started is to learn the rules of individual video poker, as some nuances, including the winning combinations of cards may differ from each other, although in most cases, all games adhere to the standard combinations.

The user interface of video poker is very easy to use and all the necessary player information is always available on the screen. You can increase your current account balance or decrease the bid amount, find the winning amount, and always see. Also useful paytable, in which the specified amount of funds are credited for these combinations.

One of the simplest and most popular poker is considered to be two-sided (2 Ways Royal). Selecting practice mode for playing in the casino, you can quickly learn the basic actions in video poker at the same time without losing a penny. And if you feel that your level of knowledge is sufficient for the game – you can make an account with real money and win loads of money just sitting on the computer monitor.

Also pay attention to the presence of the jackpot in video poker. In most games is presented and the amount of it depends on the variety of video poker. He will always be at the top of the screen and will be available if the player is able to collect Royal Flush while playing with five coins. It's not that difficult for an experienced player to focus the main thing entirely on the process, and maybe will smile luck at you guys.

Those who have mastered the basics of video poker, want to try his hand at online poker, this can be done by sitting out one of the poker rooms. Poker rooms offer free poker software to your computer (there are also versions without charging client) and the ability to download both the real and virtual money to play. The last option is ideal for beginners, the location to practice is nothing lost. Familiarized – a free tournament, the tournament has no participation fee. The prizes in these tournaments are quite right, the player is not at risk. With experience, players start playing in the tournaments that charge entry fees – these tournaments are more interesting to have experienced players, because the prize money tournaments are much higher than paid in the freerolls.



The game involves the players and the dealers. The goal – beat the trader wins 21 points or near that value the crowd below out. If the amount is more than 21, the player automatically loses his hand. The player has the option to make one or more, depending on the regulations of the specific gambling branch, prices in special boxes at the table, which should be no lower than the table minimum and do not exceed the maximum. The game comes in a standard set of 52 sheets, but can be shared by up to eight decks!

To start the game, you need» click your bet and «deal. The player receives two cards based on the amount of points he decides to need or does not need another card. Traders, again depending on the casino rules, which currently rents an open card or two cards, one of which point upwards.

The player at the same time or takes extra card or stop there. It is worth noting that if the player already has a total of 21 points he has no right to take additional cards. The player can also continue to take cards until you decide to stop 21 points or not pick up. If the player is stopped, the dealer currently covers the punch cards in second place. If the dealer's total is less than 17 points, he is required to stop more cards to arri, and if the crowd is equal or greater than 17. In cases where the amount of players exceeds the dealer's total, but no more than 21, the player wins the hand, and vice versa. In the event of a points equal, a draw will be declared and the bet on the player will be returned.

Depending on the advantages of the map varies and the amount of points. Ace can bring 11 or 1 point as a party wish. Card worth between 2 and 10 bring the party to the points on the card face value equals. Pictures (kings, ladies, boys) have a face value of 10 points.



The game at the slot machines has been delighting people since the time of the wild west. Because nothing is nicer than taking a huge turn of luck at a slot machine with a small coin insert. Of course, the slots have evolved very far since the advent of the first one-armed bandits. Online casinos in United Kingdom can now be described as the spearhead of this real slot machine revolution. Because modern video machines have little to do with the original mechanical slot machines with their great graphics, good sound effects and exciting adventure stories. But, of course, there are still classic online slots with fruits and other traditional winning symbols. With us you will find all the important information about the most popular slot machines in United Kingdom.

5. New Casinos Bonuses

chipAs you probably already know, there are more and more casinos online that advertise new customers with bonus offers. A lot of these deals are really lucrative opportunities to get a lot of game capital in the casino. But not all offers keep what they promise, which is why it has become all the more important in this day and age to draw on our well-researched bonus recommendations. Because in our casino tests, we not only check the promotional offers, but also check whether the bonuses are actually paid out.

In addition, we always analyze the bonus terms. This is important because different types of casino bonuses are aimed at different audiences. Of course, it is always important to also observe the terms and conditions of sales of the individual offers. Because bonus credits must clearly not be withdrawn immediately, but must first be released at the slot machines or online tables. In our detailed pages you will find the current offer conditions neatly listed for each casino.

Now, if you're wondering why casinos are giving away bonus credits in the first place? Then this question is actually easy to answer. Because the great bonus offers are actually a side effect of the increasingly fierce competition between the many new online casinos in United Kingdom. As more vendors try to cut off a piece of the pie, many UK online casinos feel backed into a corner and need to start bringing your gaming offering to the man with big bonus discounts. The current competitive situation, as you can see impressively from our casino lists, is a great advantage for customers. Because nothing stands in the way of repeated and regular bonus use either because of the current market situation.

Deposit Bonus

Understanding the bonuses in the new online casinos plays a big role because you need to know exactly what you're getting. The better you understand the different bonuses and wagering requirements, the better prepared you are to meet requirements.
Deposit Bonus is a type of bonus you get when you make a deposit at the new Online Casino. In other words, you need to deposit money into your account to unlock the online gaming library real money bonus. Deposit Bonus can be in different forms. There are no two equal bonuses. For this reason, it is important to know the rules in the casino online money before you make a deposit.
In addition, each deposit amount is equivalent to a certain percentage. Depositing to receive a bonus has many benefits. If you make a deposit to unlock your bonus, you'll get more money to play with and therefore more chance of winning. In addition, you will receive credits on the amount and in this way the Online Real Money Casino gives you the opportunity to increase and reinforce your deposit.








No Deposit Bonus

If you rely on a No Deposit Bonus, you can look forward to completely free game credits. This type of bonus is also granted without a deposit. Often these bonuses are intended for new customers. But that is not always the case. In some cases, there are also online casinos that send bonuses without a deposit via newsletter to loyal existing customers. As a rule, however, these bonuses are available immediately after registration and before the first deposit. The idea is that with this free bonus, players can explore the whole casino for free. Experience has shown that the sums of such No Deposit bonuses are within a manageable framework.

Welcome Bonus

The classic among bonus offers is probably the welcome bonus. Because this kind of bonus for new customers is so widespread in UK that there is hardly an new online casino that dares to advertise new customers here in United Kingdom without a welcome bonus. Players should always pay attention to the specified percentage when it comes to the welcome bonus. This indicates by which factor the deposit amount is multiplied. Those who opt for a 100 percent welcome bonus, for example, can look forward to a doubling of the deposit amount. However, with a 200 per cent bonus, the amount paid in would even be tripled. In addition, of course, the maximum bonus amount as well as the number of eligible deposits is also very relevant.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is primarily a continuation of the welcome bonus. Most online casinos offer real money one reload bonus per month. Such bonuses are mainly offered by largest casinos interested in attracting their customers to the game. Good examples for casinos with the regular reload bonus are Party Casino, Betway or Betsson. Every month, these platforms absolutely give a new bonus of 50% up to 100%. Small casinos can't always afford the ad edition in the form of reload bonuses. Once in a while, the big casinos offer the second higher bonus than the first. You can explain that so easily. Of course, when a player loses at the online casino, he is disappointed and won't come back anytime soon. Reload Bonus gives the second way to hit the jackpot. Under no circumstances should you confuse this bonus with Cash Back Bonus. Many online casinos offer real money 10% cash back bonus. That means if you bet 200 euros and lose everything, you get 20 euros back at the end. As we mentioned, you can get the reload bonus from 50% to 100%. This is the nice chance to win again.

CashBack Bonus

Online game library ofreal money bonuses undoubtedly play a big role in the online casino. Cashback Bonus is a type of bonus that attracts many online players. This bonus can have a high expectation value and unlimited reboot. With the money you get from the cashback program, you can make up for the loss. This will help you restore your account. The casino offers this bonus to regular customers who very often participate in online games. Cashback bonuses are the percentage of net losses over a period of time. The bonus can be paid out once a week or a few weeks in cash or in the form of credit. As we already know, new money online casinos offer 10% cash back bonus. In this way, you have a chance to increase his profit again.

High Roller und VIP Bonuses

There are a group of players who want to tie the online casinos particularly closely to themselves. Of course, we are talking about the High Rollers and Casino VIP's. Because these players make a lot of revenue with their big stakes. In addition, Casino VIP's return to their favorite casinos again and again and are therefore essential for ongoing operations. That's why ambitious and loyal players with particularly good bonus offers are kept in a mood and rewarded for their loyalty. Often, these types of bonus offers are delivered in a personalized manner to the most important players. However, many VIP bonuses can also be accrued through the interesting loyalty programs and loyalty clubs of the casinos.

Free Spins

Whoever has managed to get free spins can count himself lucky. Because free spins at the slot machines are one of the best ways to play and win in the casino without using your own money. Often the free spin offers are subject to particularly positive bonus terms. In addition, free spin promotions are an excellent opportunity to try out new slot machines and get to know interesting games. Many casinos have incorporated a certain number of free spins into their welcome packages. Some give free spins away even before the first deposit as the first taster offer. In addition, in our experience, existing customers are often offered free spins for new slot machines.

With many of the gambling providers we tested, there are also very interesting promotions. The range here ranges from one-off bonus or free spin promotions with free play to casino tournaments or competitions with really high prize money. There are also many casinos online that run sweepstakes in UK. Even dream trips and luxury cars are raffled among UK players at such sweepstakes. At some online casinos, the special offers are also integrated into the loyalty clubs. Often, for example, there are loyalty points that can be collected and then exchanged for free spins, in-kind prizes or sweepstakes. Plus, there are sometimes cashback offers where you get cash refunded.

6. VIP Program

Nowadays, the competition between new online casinos is very high. To retain and lure gamers, Casino VIP program was created. This program gives you unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits, invitations to major events, access to the High Roller Bonus offers and exclusive games. The more you play, the bigger and better you will be rewarded. Normally, you can assemble the dots on vip reward programs. In some casinos, players can buy chips, merchandise or gadgets with logos such as iPads or Samsung directly with their points.

Players who spend a lot of money in online casinos will be given the opportunity to participate in exclusive loyalty programs for the big money players. You will receive an invitation from your casino host and will find some great advantages if you accept this offer. The core of these higher level VIPs is usually earning points. You collect the points twice as quickly and get access to the bigger bonuses when you redeem your points.

Depending on bets, regular players can go through 6 VIP levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium and Prestige. Each level has its own advantages, and premium and prestige are only accessible to players who receive personal invitations. The VIP program offers players benefits such as free spins and faster payouts, free play Sundays and personal account managers.

To climb up the VIP level, play as much as you can and earn points by making bets.

For example, to achieve silver VIP status, collect 60 points. 350 points will bring you Gold VIP status and VIP Platinum requires 1,000 points.`

7. Online Casino Loyalty Programs

In all major real money online casinos, you will find the loyalty program not only locally, but also virtually. Any player can participate. The aim of this loyalty scheme is for you to get points for each deposit (e.g. 10 points per £100). Each time, your status (silver, gold, platinum, diamond) changes depending on the number of points. Status gives players the opportunity to play with the favorable conditions.

The main loyalty award bonus is given when club points are exchanged for bonus money. With VIP points, you'll have more benefits such as quick withdrawal, tickets to sporting and cultural events, tours and meetings with casino management, exclusive gifts and shopping for branded products in the online store. The best online new casinos with good bonuses for the casino loyalty program: "Bonanza Game casino," "Malina Casino," "Argo casino," "Yo Yo Casino," "Red Pingwin Casino," "Boaboa Casino." Under no circumstances should you confuse loyalty program with VIP program. As you already know, anyone can participate in loyalty program with the low investment. To get VIP program, you should deposit 1000 pounds in online casino deposit. The more you invest, the more you get privileges.

8. Best Casino Payouts

The payout ratio is an important number in new online casinos. The higher the payout rate in the online casino, the bigger your online casino money winnings. Most online games have payout rates ranging from 92% to 98%. Here you will find the 6 online casinos with the best payout: Casimba, Dunder, Casumo Casino, Gate 777, PartyCasino, Leo Vegas.
So it's always better to figure out the games with the best payout odds. For example, video poker offers a higher payout rate than the slot machines. But that always depends on the variation you play.

Most casino games offer payouts of between 90-95%, while video poker can have a range of 95% to over 100%. The advantage of playing video poker is that you can find the payout odds for each game by simply taking a look at the car machine's paytable. Let's compare a few exemplary stats for different games:

  • European roulette (97,3%)
  • American Roulette (94,74%)
  • Video Poker (99,54%)
  • Baccarat (98,83%)
  • Blackjack(99,4%)
  • Slots (96%)

9. Online Casinos UK

There are several ways to play legally in an online casino of UK. You can either play on the casino's server using your internet browser.

You can download a program to your PC and play it this way. And you can also install a mobile version on your gadget (you will still learn about this possibility of playing Online Casino on our website).

Thanks to the development of smartphones, this aspect of the industry has very quickly gained popularity.

10. Online Casino Software

Top Game
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Immortal Romance
  • Avalon 2: Quest of the Grail
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Game of Thrones 243 Ways To Win
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2 – Secret of the Sword
The first company to set up an online casino in 1994. Has more slots to offer than NetEnt. Free trial at some games. All games can also be played on mobile devices.
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • Boom Brothers
  • Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • South Park
  • Starburst
  • Mega Fortune
Free trials for all slot machines VR gambling. They position themselves as premium game developers and offer the best progressive games in the industry. Has a partnership with Century Fox.
  • Play The Mummy at Videoslots Casino
  • The Mummy
  • Play Superman II at BGO Casino
  • Superman II
  • Play Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza at Paddy Power Casino
  • Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza
  • Play Monty Python’s Life of Brian at Mansion Casino
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian
Has a strong focus on poker. Specialization in the Asian market. Has a partnership with Marvel and DC
  • Texan Tycoon
  • Goblin’s Treasure
  • The Three Stooges
  • Hockey Hero Slot
  • Naughty or Nice Slot
  • Jackpot Pinatas
  • Cleopatra’s Gold
Download or play immediately. Ideal for low reels suitable even for the USA player.
  • 5 Reel Circus
  • A Day at the Derby
  • Alien Spinvasion
  • Arabian Tales
  • Big Bang Buckaroo
  • Bust a Vault
  • Catsino
  • Champs Elysees
I-slots. Casino controller platform. B2B Developer.
  • Queen of the Nile II
  • Buffalo
  • 5 Dragons
The company was founded in 1953 and operates in 90 countries around the world. Has a wide range of products and services, including electronic slot machines, social gaming and casino management systems.
System platform for remote games. Idyllic for starters. Book of Ra, which is one of the most popular games and is considered one of the best rated slot games developed by Novoline.

The most well-known providers are:


The leading online casino software in every way: Most casinos (about 70 pieces of downloadable software and a few hundred of online slots), most games (over 600!), most fans among players. Of course, 09 percents of these 600 games are a slots, but also richest on any other game selection: Video poker, blackjack variants, card games, roulette. Only a few games listed on this page, not in a cage of Microgaming. Honesty games guaranteed by the fact is that the new online casino does not have access to the software, all servers are in the hands of the micro and supplier to cheat and risk reputation is unprofitable. In addition, this software is one of the most expensive, so from a financial point of view, the casino games online also reliable.


That's the second most popular software right now. Thanks to the excellent games, especially innovative slot machines, has now become a leader. With more than 200 casinos and 200 games, it is very popular among the gamblers. Again, the most famous online casino slots, they really very interesting, every second of every interesting "feature." Card games and roulette are also available (there are games with live dealers), but in relatively small numbers, only the "classic" options of exotic games in these sections do not find. This software, along with Microgaming, is particularly popular among bookmakers and new online casinos.


It is the third most popular software: About 60 casinos, 250 games, many fans, especially in United Kingdom. The best online casino with this software can be a whole host of unique games to note that can not be found elsewhere. There have been a lot of arcade games as well as games, especially roulette, offered with a video stream.


It's considered a classic for reputable online casino. It's about the big gambling group Novomatic. He also operates under the name «Admiral» in UK. There you can also find Novomatic vending machines. Novomatic is a multi-billion euro company headquartered in Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna. It employs more than 24,000 people worldwide.

The division is, of course, rather small. The employees at the casino are employed all over the world. Over time, Novoline was totally cloned by other vendors. There are new online casinos today that have their own software. We offer you the latest information about the most famous Novoline games.


Yggdrasil logo

Yggdrasil provider specializes in video slots, lottery games, instant lottery products and keno games. They also have a portfolio of mobile and online scratch games as well as impressive progressive jackpots. The mobile casino games real money offered can be played on computers, mobile phones and tablets. Although Yggdrasil's game collection is small, this development team has already acquired popularity and is respectful. The displays of this software are bright, colorful and attractive and at first glance are clearly different from the packaging. There are currently more than 50 Yggdrasil casinos representing a full range of slot machines with real money. All Yggdrasil games are offered in an instant game without download. This means you can play directly from the web browser without downloading additional software.

Bally Wulf

bally wulff logo

Bally Wulff is an old company that produces the perfect slot games. But the company is not as popular as its competitors – Microgaming or NetEnt. It is not easy for most gamers who prefer the slot machines for real money to find a reliable casino. Here you have the option to select any gamble from Bally Wulff Casinos and play its free demo version. You can play not only slot machines, but also other casino games, such as baccarat, roulette, poker for free. You can enjoy a good range of themed video slots and classically inclined 5-reel slot machines with real money. There are retro style games, such as Fruit Mania, Fancy Fruit, Sticky Diamonds. Here you will also find the simplest slot machines with 5 paylines and the latest slot machines with full functionality.

Next Gen

next gen(nyx) logo

NextGen Gaming is a company that actively develops and cares about the interests of its customers. Many customers who have already reviewed this provider's games are convinced that they will be managed at a high level and have a high-quality and thematic design. NextGen gaming free slot machines with real money counts more than 600 slots. The best online slot machines are "Owl Eyes," "300 Shields," "Jack's Beanstalk," "Starmania," "Dolphin Gold," "Psycho," "Bingo Billions!," "Pizza Prize," "A While on the Nile," "The Spin Lab" and many others. So you can hit historical and fantastic slots based on famous movies, cartoon slots. NextGen Gaming has free demo games and you can try without downloading, without downloading, without signing up and without deposit.

Real Time Gaming

The RTG software is fast, sharp and easy to use. The casinos that use RTG tend to be generous with bonuses, though some have less than a perfect reputation. RTG offers both a download and a flash casino.
The element of realism is an important part of this attractive gaming software as RTG presents attractive and realistic graphics and strives to create a realistic and exciting online gaming environment for customers.


Although the company was only founded in 2006, Rival has carved out a place for itself in the online casino industry. Rival Casino software has clean and rich graphics with fantastic sound effects that make the player feel like they're in a land-based casino. Rival casinos have become extremely popular with new online casino players in recent years. Rival Software has revolutionized the world of online slots with its iSlots (Interactive Slots) series. These slot machines are like no other in the industry, lifting Rival casinos off their competitors in this area. Rival is constantly developing new iSlots games, which is very impressive given the complexity of the games.


Aristocrat Leisure Limited, founded in 1953 as Aristocrat, an Australian games software developer. They are one of the largest developers of software products for land-based and web-based casinos, and their slot machines are located in over 240 countries. Aristocrat is a brand name that has been established in the gaming market for over 60 years. The company has a presence all over the world, supplying high-quality software and games to casinos. With the rise of new online casinos, Aristocrat has morphed into a well-designed and sufficiently attractive online form that has all the great features that have made it so popular – great games with themes from famous movies, comics and Series, excellent graphics, huge prizes and more.

11. Mobile Casinos

hand-gestureAs the online casino industry continues to grow, pressure is mounting for these operators to innovate. The latest step to attract and retain players is to adopt mobile platforms and create mobile apps so that players have access to their favorite games, where they can find an internet connection.

Mobile gambling refers to playing skill or chance for fun or for real money profits with a remote device such as a tablet computer, smartphone or mobile phone via a wireless internet connection. More than a hundred mobile casinos have been in operation since December 2013, with the majority of new online casino operators now providing a mobile platform for their members.








Mobile casinos work a lot in the same way as traditional casinos. Both are internet-based and offer great promotional deals. However, mobile applications have the added convenience for players to play on-the-go.

Starting your new mobile casino adventure is super easy. Simply download the preferred mobile casino to your smartphone, tablet or mobile phone, sign up for fun or real game, make a deposit (where necessary), and start playing. We have taken the guess of it by providing you with a list of moving casino vendors below.

If you're wondering why new online casinos offer so many bonuses, the answer is simple. In today's days, there are a lot of online playhouses that offer their services. That is why competition between casinos is quite high. And if new casino can't offer anything interesting to the player (or if another online playhouse offers something much more interesting), the casino will lose its UK customers immediately. That's why game developers try to inspire their customers. Decide for yourself which bonuses are the best for you.

Since there are different levels of players in online casinos, there are bonuses for regular players, and also bonuses for VIP and luxury players. Of course, if you have VIP status, the bonuses will also be much bigger. This is a kind of thank you from the casino to loyal players!

12. New Online Casino Summary

The theme of the casino is very popular nowadays. Internet is full of a variety of suggestions in new online casinos and with the possibilities to make a tasty profit. Of course, every player dreams about the maximum possible – jackpot. If you have a computer, stable internet connection however, a little time, with the help of the new online casinos you have every chance to increase your income and relax really well. The gambler can participate in several games and of course select those where he will have better luck.

What is a bonus and how can you get it?

Basically, a bonus is a cash prize you get from the online casino. There are many types of bonuses that new casinos can offer you. So you can start the game in an online casino with starting credits. For example, the welcome bonus. You deposit money into your game account, and the casino pays you extra so that you can not only spend your own money in the beginning, but also the extra. For those players who have very little experience in the gambling field, of course, that's a huge advantage. Even the experienced players will certainly be very pleased.

But you can't just get a bonus during the game for real money. You can also win a prize by playing for virtual money. These standard features offer almost all online casinos. For example, you can get a non-deposit online casino at a poker tournament by participating and playing for virtual money, winning a ticket to another big event. You will find out more about how you can play a free casino on our website.

What types of game are available at new online casinos?

There are two variants on how to play. Either for real money, or virtual. The first option is clear – you deposit the online casino and also bring real money out into your bank account. The second variant is not so interesting, of course, but also has its advantages. First and foremost, you get a really good workout. You can try different games and watch every special feature of the game. Only after that can you decide which game you will choose and which you won't. Second, you don't lose anything. You can get as much of virtual chips as you want. But there's also a downside – you can't win real money. If you just play for fun and pastime, this type of game is the best one for you. But if you want to make money, then of course you also have to pick the game for real money. So you can play casino online games with real money.

When choosing new gambling houses, you should pay attention to online casino info: VIP programs, lists of guides and the safe support of visitors. Also very important is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design of website, clear intuitive navigation, effective technical 24-hour support and the ability to work with well-known payment systems.

Our experts are always ready to choose the best new online casino for you!


In the FAQ category, you can get answers to your questions. Since we offer many new online casinos on our website, many different questions also appear from visitors, which cannot be solved immediately. But before contacting customer service immediately, try to find the answer in the FAQ category first.

This is a question for anyone who visits an online casino for the first time. But only you can give the correct answer to this question. But some tips will get you, of course. Here are a few of them:

  • Choose first for yourself which games you want to play and what you can best do. Maybe you're a good card player? Or do you like slot machines? Or maybe online roulette? Depending on what you care about, you will also make a decision.
  • As has already been mentioned – pay attention to the feedback and comments of the visitors. Also check if the new casino has a valid license – playing a big role than the entertainment itself.
  • Read the terms of the user and see if you agree with everything.
  • Check if there are also big bonuses in these casinos that will help you very much in the beginning (but you will also be very helpful in the wider gaming process).
  • And the last tip – pay attention to the work of customer service. As was said, you can do that by reading customer feedback.


It already depends on the online playhouse. There are those that do not have a PC and mobile version, and you can only play on the internet on the website of the online casino. This is frankly not a post-the-other and no advantage. Maybe just the mobile version – it can make the gaming process much easier.

But there are also the casinos that even require downloading and installing the app. In many new online casinos, the application offers many more options than the online version. It is because of the fact that at the moment the technologies are developing very strongly, and that is why manufacturers and developers place much more emphasis on the software, and not on the website itself. What is still very important – it doesn't matter what parameters your PC or browser has.

That's a question a lot of people ask. It all depends on which country you live in. But most countries allow it to play in online casinos. Therefore, there should be no problems with it when you start a game in one of the playhouses on our website.

IIn some countries, such as United Kingdom, all your profits have to be taxed. That's why we recommend that you study the laws of your country before you start playing games. But in countries where it is not allowed, all attempts to get onto the casino's server are also blocked. But even so, casino is allowed in UK.

Is it Legal?

Yes, to be answered and this is not only ensured by the approvals from UKGC. The EU licences from Malta or Gibraltar are much more important. The inspectors strictly and rigorously implement their own requirements. Both states have adopted the EU Commission's directives "one on one," proving their progress, from which United Kingdom is unfortunately still light years away.


There is no EU licence that provides uniform rules for all the states involved. Each country combines its own rules and standards with its approval, for example in the protection of players or the control of games.

Nevertheless, an EU licence is an advantage, as it speaks for a certain seriousness of the new online casinos equipped with it. In addition to the well-known gambling licences from Malta and Gibraltar, there are also several other EU states that now issue permits

There are a lot of opinions about it. But we have mentioned the most important thing several times – if you choose a safe and reliable playhouse, there will be no problems with fraud and stuff of this kind.
When you think like this, you ask the following question – how can an online casino actually cheat on its players? The only methods are that the casino does not make withdrawals and does not return the deposited money. But you can easily find out about this by simply reading the comments from other players.

But it must also be mentioned that in many new casinos there is a principle that it has a minimum sum that you can pay out. For example, if you deposited £10 but want to get your money back after that, you may come across the casino telling you that the minimum sum of the payout, for example, is £50. In this case, you simply either need to deposit an additional £40 or (which is much better) win that £40. This is not a scam, this is a simple condition that many casinos have, and that you have to accept.

The online gambling houese won't be left without money, of course. So new casinos with online casino games can take a specific commission from the deposits, or get the lost money from the player. Like poker, for example. Players sit down at the table and everyone pays in £1. Out of 10 players, that will be £10. The casino offers a price of £9,95. 0.05 cent gets the playhouse. If you think it's a small sum, then think about how many such tables there can be in an online playhouse!

Another option is to get the money from the defeats of the players. That may not sound quite fair, but it is still! If the player plays and gets fun in the process (and in addition the opportunity to win money), then he can also pay for it, that's normal.

It also depends, of course, on the laws of your country. In many countries, like UK, you don't need to do that. On the other hand, however, it must also be said that in many countries only regular income is to be taxed. But the profits in new online casinos are not regular and maybe you can't even call that an income. That's why you don't worry much about it, but still read through the laws!

The interesting thing is that many people feel that winning casinos is pure luck and coincidence. On the one hand, that really is the case. But on the other hand, that's not quite true. There are different games and different winning strategies that in fact increase the chances of winning the players. To try out all the games, you can do an online casino test or online casino comparison.

When we talk about the games, you have to mention that poker and roulette are the games where you can influence the end result. In poker, you don't play against the casino itself. The game runs out with real people who have the same odds of winning as you. Here already play a huge role of your skills. How good are you at play, what experiences have you got? If you play better than the other players at your table, then you will win.

The second option is roulette. Here, a lot (almost everything) depends on chance, but in this game there are also ways to increase your chances of winning, and to keep the casino's chances of winning to the minimum. You can even find all the winning strategies on the Internet.